Therapy Services

Are you struggling with changes in your life?

Are you feeling controlled by your emotions and behaviors?

Does it feel like you can’t connect in a meaningful way to the people around you?

It’s tough to go through each day feeling blindly led by your emotions and behaviors. I can help you make sense of it.

Perhaps you are afraid to give yourself the time and space to really understand what you are experiencing. There may also be some fear of what you will uncover. Deep down, you also know that continuing on your current path will only further distance you from living a fulfilling life.

Treatment Specializations

I’d like to help you reconnect to your inner workings by creating more awareness of what you need, and how to get those needs met. It may feel scary to admit to the struggles you are navigating, but trust me when I share that I am here to listen and help you move forward.

I know it’s difficult to take that first step, but no one should feel powerless. The most important message I want you to hear is that we are all doing our best to survive. We may carry shame and guilt about what we have done, do, or feel, but I want you to know that my work is not about judgment but rather empathy. What you are feeling is not meaningless and we can work together to get you to a place where its meaning can help you do more than survive.

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Reconnect to your inner workings by creating more awareness.