Is it a struggle just to get up in the morning? Do you often feel irritable, moody, or lethargic?
Depression can feel like a relentless, all-consuming weight on your shoulders. Unlike occasional sadness, there is a real depth to it, and it feels like there is nothing you can do to get away. When you are stuck in what is called the dorsal state, you might feel unmotivated, apathetic, or numb to what is happening around you. At times, living just feels really difficult. Individual therapy can help you become unstuck and start moving forward.
How Can We Deal With Depression?

Emotions are like a crying toddler who is trying to get your attention. They will not stop if you ignore them, and over time, they will only get louder in order to be heard. Like crying, depression is merely a symptom of a bigger problem; it is a product of the emotion you have been avoiding because it was too scary to face on your own. In therapy, our goal is to help you feel safe and comfortable so we can uncover the emotion underneath the surface and identify your unmet needs.

During treatment, we will reveal and address the emotions that stand in the way of enlightenment. Our emotions are an internal compass that helps us navigate life. By unpacking how we feel, we can figure out why we feel lost and struggle to take care of ourselves. With therapy, you can delve into what is dragging you down and keeping you from feeling safe and connected to the world.

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