Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Are you feeling disconnected from your partner or struggling to express yourself? Do you find yourself pulling away when you need them the most?
There is nothing more important than feeling connected to our partners. As humans, we need a support base where we can retreat to feel safe, loved, and cherished. If you tend to express yourselves through contempt or have trouble turning to one another in times of need, professional guidance can be a positively transformative experience.
How Can Couples Therapy Help?
As your therapist, my job is not to tell you what to do or take control of your relationship. Instead, I will help you navigate and explore sensitive topics while working collaboratively to foster productive discussion. My primary goal is to help you connect and understand one another on a deeper level.

We all adopt certain behaviors to avoid feeling rejection or disappointment. Anger, silence, and nagging are all expressions of our needs not being met. Part of what we do during therapy is identifying and learning to recognize those patterns. Cooperatively, we can put together the pieces and figure out what you really need from each other.

Everything comes back to effective communication and feeling safe and connected. At the end of the day, couples therapy is all about creating a stronger bond, so you both receive the comfort and reassurance you need to thrive as a partnership.

What Is the Therapy Process?
An initial intake form helps me formulate an understanding of what each of you is feeling and experiencing in your relationship. After the first session with all of us, I meet with each partner individually to take a history and open up a safe sharing place. From that point onward, we rejoin as three and work together on reconnecting and rebuilding the relationship. I never want anyone to feel like I align with one partner. To remain a neutral party, I refer out if one partner also needs individual therapy.
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