Are you constantly thinking and stressing over an imagined future? Do you feel held back by a fear of what could happen?
Anxiety takes your worst fears and uses them against you to keep you paralyzed and defensive. When you are living in that imagined future, your body and your nervous system act on the constant stress, which often feels immensely scary. If your anxiety is overwhelming you to the point that you cannot fully participate in life, there is a good chance that therapy can help you regain control.
How Can We Deal With Anxiety?

When your focus is on anticipating or planning for what comes next, it becomes really difficult to be present. The first step is to stabilize by incorporating coping skills and techniques that manage your anxiety and keep it under control. Next, we can focus on uncovering the underlying worry or needs that are not being met. For example, you may feel isolated, alone, or disconnected from friends or family. Or maybe you are avoiding a situation that terrifies you. Whatever the issue may be, it needs your attention and care.

Dealing with anxiety involves a lot of self-reflection and evaluation. You need to understand what drives your anxiety so you can recognize it in the moment and pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you. By getting to know yourself better and learning what you need to feel good and succeed, you can reach beyond coping and really deal with the source of your anxiety. Once we figure out what it is that you are trying so hard to control, we can help you move past it to a point where you can truly thrive and enjoy life as every moment unfolds.

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